NaNo: Day 4

2009 NaNoWord Count Goal:  6668
Actual:                    7061

So far, this has not been my ordinary NaNo experience, if there is such a thing. In previous years, I’ve been pretty strong out of the gate, with ideas coming thick and fast. Not this year. I fell into quicksand on Day Two and have been trying everything to get out of it since then. What seems to be shaping up now is a sort of Post-Modern Deconstructivist hodgepodge full of multi-dimensional characters, by which I do not mean that they are complex, well-crafted individuals, but rather that they operate on several planes of existence simultaneously.

Um, yeah.

Am I out of my mind?

Very definitely.

NaNo always has the potential to take you beyond the pale. And, baby, this one’s out there…

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