I am not doing NaNo (not)

nano 2010I started a day late (I don’t care.)

I’m 1300 words behind already. (I don’t care.)

I have no story. (I don’t care.)

See, all day yesterday I felt left behind, missing the parade. I woke this morning with images, a feeling, half of the title. I mean, why not? I just want to have fun. I just want the joy of discovery, of creativity running wild and amuck. ( Sure, sure, sure…)

So what if I’m tired, angry and empty?

The novel’s working title is Attempting Failure, which is sort of a slogan for this year’s NaNo… plus I couldn’t resist the pun. Already I have my two MCs, Malcolm and Maggie, and they are funny and conflicted and they quarrel. (I love writing quarrels.) There’s going to be work-related humor, which I never expected to enjoy writing, but I really do. How I’ll fit in a road trip and the supernatural (other faves), I have no idea, but the month is young and the word count barely budding.

Here goes!

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