NaNo Day 6

nano 2010Goal:      10,002
Actual:   12, 011

What makes one NaNo year work while another one doesn’t?

I have no idea. I never pre-plan, and considering I did not plan to participate this year, I had zero preparation going in. Last year, I had a mental image and a character, but the writing was torture from Day 2. I ended up enjoying the characters and the multi-level mystery that developed, but it was hard going.This year is the total opposite. I know I’m still in the Week One rush, but the words are really flowing. Of course, there is still no plot, though I am beginning to sense what might be coming. And I love my main character! Yeah, Malcolm Tennant! He’s so much fun to write. He’s hot and funny and talented and a train wreck waiting to happen. And you just know that train wreck is a-comin’…Cheers to all my fellow NaNo novelists and thanks to all those who have been so encouraging. Week Two is around the corner, and it is always such a tricksy one. 😀

Thanks to Parker for recommending Of Montreal to me–the songs I’ve found online have become my writing soundtrack!

One thought on “NaNo Day 6

  1. Strange as it may seem, I was not yet a fan of the continuing Dr Who saga or of Firefly, in late 2010. So Malcolm’s name seems quite loaded now in a way it wasn’t when he was created.

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