NaNo: The End–A Victory Lap

winner 2010Goal: 50,000
Actual: 53,455

Here’s to Attempting Failure … and succeeding!

Yeah for NaNoWriMo!

Yeah for all who “won”!

Yeah for all who quit because they were overwhelmed by a million other exciting inspirations!

Yeah for all who tried, because it was bloody fun, wasn’t it? YEAH!

And Yeah for all those people cheering, and writing wonderful words of support and encouragement—I could never, ever get better reviews. Yeah for you!

This, my fifth year, was the easiest NaNo yet. I actually won 3 days ago. Somehow, without planning, I stumbled upon a character I have really come to love. Oh hell, I loved him almost from the start! I only wish my long-time, bestest friend forever had been here to meet him. This one is dedicated to you, Rachael—because you deserved a happy ending, too.

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