Shaken Up

An earthquake–here?

300 miles away and we felt it hard.

I’ve never been in an earthquake before, so it’s a bit of a big deal for me. I was at work at my temp job at a downtown University; my office is up on the 11th floor of a late 19th century building. I felt two jolts, separated by about a minute. By the time I had begun to think I was crazy and had imagined the sensation–like the outer wall and window were about to rupture and that the floor was tipping in that direction–the second one hit.
By then, everyone was in the hall comparing experiences and heading for the exits. Oh, yeah and Tweeting like mad…

I used to live in Charlottesville, and have driven through Louisa and Mineral any number of times. I didn’t feel the aftershock this evening.

Weird, wild stuff.

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