Catching Up

The weather acts like it’s April, but without robins and flowers. It’s been a dull, confused season.

Still, I’ve been trying to work a bit on Rattman Road, last year’s NaNo novel–well, I’ve been taking notes and organizing things, at least–and have resumed my Harry Potter readings, carefully making my way through Sorcerer’s Stone at the moment.¬† Not many surprises there… not that I expected there to be. It’s just fun to be back in the HP world, even a little.

Ever since the last movie was released, it seems that fandom has fallen into a bit of a slumber. (Me, too.) A few writers are still¬†are still prolifically posting fics, thank heaven! I keep toying wth the idea of finishing a few stories, but all I do is re-read them, tinker, and decide they aren’t ready.

A dull, confused season indeed.

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