Gesture Drawings


pink  Apoxyomenous   Slowly getting the hang of how to use these markers for gestures….

I am so out of practice with figure drawing that the proportions end up way off… and not in any cool, stylistic way either. If our fashion model on the left has such a long willowy neck, it’s not exactly a mark of beauty to give her the shoulders of a linebacker! (I do like the colors and the combination of media though, so I’ll need to try that one again.) But gesture drawings are meant to train the eye and hand to take in all of the figure, its motion and its proportions, at once, and that is what I so obviously need.

Drawing people on their lunch breaks serves up certain basic types: eating, drinking, smoking, talking and the cell phone. Maybe it is the art historian in me, but I keep wondering what future generations will think of this hand-to-the-face gesture of cell phone conversation? We need explanations in art history class for just what the Apoxyomenos is doing (scraping oil from his body after a work out); so, how long will it take before this ubiquitous gesture of our time becomes meaningless?

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