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Scribble drawing from van Gogh portrait, marker, 2013

Scribble drawing from van Gogh portrait, marker, 2013

Long ago, I used to do ink drawings in a scribble technique, building up form and texture with skeins of dense, spiraling lines. I moved on to other ways to draw, but recently, looking at the art of Hubert Tereszkiewicz, I was interested anew in linear styles of drawing. His lines are so beautifully expressive! Inspired, I used my usual lunch hour sketch session to try my hand at a scribbled picture using the cover art of the book I’m reading, Dear Theo, as a model.

Ah, good old Vince. Reading hisĀ  letters may be depressing, but in all things he was bold, even when his skills were limited, and that gives one heart, as he would say. I like the way this drawing turned out, its wildness and distortions fitting the subject.

Thanks Vincent, Mr. Tereszkiewicz and Liz, who pointed me toward his work. I have something new to explore… and it is actually old territory.

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