Ego Drop

HAND“Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness. Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.”–Bruce Lee
Adam Wiebner posted this quote over on Twitter yesterday and it fell in line with my recent thinking about those “magic moments” I mentioned yesterday. Are they made possible by a loss of self-consciousness? As ego drops away, perhaps the work can at last just get on with itself. Which makes me wonder–Is the delight I feel in these moments only from the skills that manifest or is the exhilaration from the rush of a very pure form of freedom?
Being a hyper-self conscious person, it makes sense that these moments have been rare for me. The two recent events have both been oddly non-ego moments. The first time, drawing with a crayon, and having a very bad day, I had no expectations other than to just do the damn thing. Get it over with, it’s going to be bad anyway… instead, rather the opposite. The other time was very late at night, I was quite tired, but I had just seen something that struck me aesthetically and wanted to try to jot it down while it lasted. Et voila!
I will need to give this more thought…because that’s what I do, I think alot, even though “more thought” seems like the thing I shouldn’t do. All I can do is laugh at myself, and perhaps begin to look forward to being too exhausted or in too foul a mood to draw.

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