I Got Sunshine

I’ve been drawing Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz characters a lot lately, especially Noodle, but also some Russel and 2D. As for Murdoc…not so much. I must be one of those weird chicks for whom green skin and dark, demonic looks are a turnoff. Go figure…
It always feels a little like cheating to me when I copy from another style, but I do learn from figuring out how another artist has put a picture together. And looking isn’t enough, you have to get in there with your pencil and ink and colors and make it happen in order to internalize it. I learn a little about my own preferences, too, when I find myself thinking “Now if it were me…” or adding a extra line or shadow because I can’t resist a personal need for it. Maximum hubris, I know, especially since I love everything about the Gorillaz drawings and animation. If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, it would be nice to think I’m giving a little something back to Mr. Hewlett, whether he knows it or not.

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