What I Drew on my Summer Vacation

Lost in the work from Moebius

What did I do on my summer vacation? I went to visit my sister in the North Country, which involved, as it always does, lots of walking and eating exceptionally well, sitting on Monona Terrace in the sun and just general lazing about, but also a bit of drawing every day. (It helps to visit an artist.) We got up every day late-ish, ate a leisurely breakfast, then drew. I always felt a need to hurry so I could get on with theĀ adventures part of the day, but it was an excellent practice to do the work first. You could go have fun with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in your gut. And when can you better do that than on summer vacation?

A few of the drawings were even interesting:Jamie Hewlett lost in his work and a watercolor inspired by Moebius. Great shading and exciting color–I was inspired. Can you sense a theme here?

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