Week in Review

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Unexpected results from correcting mistakes. Fun. The week’s themes, it seems.

Another smoker. I don’t know why I am attracted to the subject, but I am. The drawing of this guy didn’t come out as I wanted and the scan was “dirty,” but the clean up, turning the murk into a smoky frame, was the fun part.
The little girl is straightforward pencil drawing is another in a series of child-portraits that have been cropping up since summer. Not my usual subject matter at all. This gal is quite solemn, her eyes locked on yours, about to say something, though I have a feeling it’s not what you are expecting.
Then there is River from Firefly, almost the last in the cycle of character-captures my sister and I have been doing from one of our favorite shows. I love to do them fast and it’s a blast when I can get the character down in the first, wild, looping lines. The rest is just scribbling.
Finally, two ballpoint pen sketches on a night when I didn’t want to draw, but felt obliged to. Small surprise that the likenesses weren’t good, then I messed up one of the eyes with too much reworking. I trudged into the studio for a bit of Chinese white to fix it, and, while I’m in the paintbox….why not a dab of blue?  What harm can it do? They weren’t great drawings anyway. Until they were; and if not great, it sure was fun adding the color. Magenta, orange, green, blue, aqua, yellow. Did I learn something about the pupils of eyes as they turn? Maybe. I need to study some more. My sister said the sketches had “fun-ness” and I hope they do; it’s a quality to aspire to, in my days and in my work. I’m not making any predictions about the week ahead, except that I’ll try to make the most of everything I do wrong.

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