Week in Review

avec_plaisir3 2chanelfw13_2013-10-04 duroolowu runway still_of_the_night

Let’s see… was away in Wisconsin for a much needed vacation–drew everyday, but only made two things I was really proud of–came home and promptly got sick… so there isn’t much to show recently, but there are a few really nice things. Pencil took a supporting role to pen, markers and watercolor. Fashion is back on my mind: with the SS 2014 Fashion Weeks now wrapping up, I took a look back at last season before diving into the new one. I especially like the sprightly Duro Olowu-inspired watercolor. I also looked to television for study opportunities–TV as Art, as my sister puts it–this time using Project Runway to study emotions. (Check out my sister’s version, here.) Last is a postage stamp size drawing for Adam Wiebner’s #DRAWtoberfest challenge on Twitter. The theme was “The Kiss” and I got mine in rather late on the very last day. Better late than never.

Fashion will probably stick around this week and maybe I can find some time for life drawings, too. I have story ideas I’m itching to write; well, less story ideas, than a character situation I’d like to work through. I’m definitely feeling better and in a groove of good work, so here’s hoping for the week ahead!


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