Week in Review

kids sm  JG3 - Copy doggie Men at work Hands (2) 2013-11-21 Marie_0001 sm white 2013-11-24 JG

Lots of things have changed…at least, the rules have changed on the job, which has thrown my whole time use/inspiration feeds into a tail-spin. I’m not sleeping as well because I lay awake at night thinking about things I used to have time to think about in daylight. To compensate, I’ve been looking at what I get out of my various surfing/social media indulgences to see where I may be able to regain lost time without losing things that matter to me. It’s probably a valuable exercise.

One thing that is definitely still important is drawing. Tired, de-motivated and inspiration-deprived, I still need to keep moving. Somehow. And I will. As the shape of my work becomes more defined, I feel more determined than ever.

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