Drawing Around Town

In the Lounge 2014-03-21 morning commute

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately drawing from Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-on Head, which I will post soon–his style is so cool!–but to balance that I’ve been drawing from what’s around me. The first was in a lounge at One Oxford Square, and I was lucky enough to find people absorbed in paperwork/CNN. I like the way it came out, mistakes and all, though I have to apologize to the lady, who didn’t come out too charmingly. She was perfectly attractive in real life. And I ran out of room for her feet; a real shame because I especially loved the big curving forms of her legs which ended in tiny, pointed feet, just like Botero’s women.

The other, I accomplished on a moving bus with a pen at the end of its line (pun intended). It isn’t quite as “smooth” as I would like, but I’m pleased with it anyway. I don’t usually tackle a subject like this.

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