Self-Portraits and Thoughts on Drawing a Lot

2014-02-28 SP sm  2014-03-01 SP shadowy sm

I’ve been messed up with rotten teeth and trips to dentists, pain meds and root canal appointments, none of which have helped me be very productive in the drawing department. During the week, I stuck with my own face for subject and drew in pen and marker. Simple. The photos are from last fall; I might have needed to embellish newer ones with a pink bulls eye on the left cheek and red cartoon lines radiating from it.

Today is also the anniversary of my first year of drawing every day. I’ve set myself this goal many times before, full of enthusiasm, but I’ve finally managed to do it. I think I’ve learned perseverance as the years have rolled by; I’ve never been good at pushing on when the work was lousy or boring. I plan to keep going for as long as I can now that I’ve made this a part of my routine, maybe indefinitely. It’s instructive–working this consistently. I’m learning how to weather the bad drawings and keep going; getting used to the waxing and waning of my energy, enthusiasm and progress; and forcing me to create strategies for getting a drawing done, even with a 10-hour job interruption five days a week. (I like stealing a few minutes in the morning before I run out to catch the bus the best.) While I am still an amateur, of course–drawing isn’t my job–I feel less like a hobbyist. I am conceiving aspirations that I begin to hope I can meet. It’s been an interesting road.

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