Week in Review

2014-04-06 Trixie_0001  2014-04-09 Clement 2014-04-09 pots

2014-04-11 Deadly Class  2014-04-12 Introductions sm2014-04-122014-04-13

Another week of irregular work. No real theme, other than continuing to absorb reference material so one day I can draw my characters on my own. The red-haired fellow and the girl with the sunglasses were my attempts for the week. I’ve been looking at a lot of comics, too, including Wes Craig’s art from Deadly Class and Tony Harris’s drawings in Ex Machina.  I’ve also been inspired by Will Terrell’s sketchbook videos, which hearten me. I felt the opposite from watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi–great film, cool guy, but it made me depressed about my life choices. On the other hand, I finally figured out a bus route and timing that will take me to the Southside on my lunch hour, allowing me to get to Utrecht for art supplies. I’m really loving my new Pigma Brush pen! I actually did a fair bit of exploring this week, which is unusual for me, but much needed.

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