Week in Review

2014-05-05 Debating the point sm 2014-05-06 Omni Wm Penn 2014-05-07 many studies 2014-05-07 3 bald men2014-05-10 HP_select

Tough week for drawing for some reason; continuing dental problems, severe arthritis pain and an unpleasant day in jury duty seem to have distracted me. The life studies on my lunch breaks started off strong, then tapered off, interrupted by talky oddities and security guards suspicious of my work. The weekend was not productive, either–except for Harry Potter drawings–though the weather was beautiful and I got tons of gardening done…not that that helps with the drawing at all. But summer looms, with its life-consuming yardwork and its vitality sapping heat and humidity. The way I complain about winter cold and summer heat, maybe I need to move to Tasmania. Here’s to hoping for a better working week ahead.

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