Bacon Suits

Francis Bacon - Tutt'Art@ (17)francis-bacon_george-dyerFrancis Bacon Paintings Art 187francis_bacon_25Francis Bacon Paintings Art 169Seated Figure 1961 by Francis Bacon 1909-1992

Oh Francis! Look at you all dressed up and nothing to scream at. No meat, no blood. Almost serene…you know, for Francis Bacon.

I’m still thinking about these paintings. I love his very graphic compositions, the strong color blocks, and, in spite of the distorted faces and contorted poses, I love the suits, the shoes, crisp line, muted grays and tans. I need to find time to experiment on my own men-in-suits, see what I could do with paint and color. Another dream that for now is postponed. But it is on my mind.

PS–Sorry if you were expecting a post about Lady Gaga, though it sure would be fun to have seen his take on her. Could be almost as fun as she is.

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