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2014-06-23 Sketch cap2014-06-25 big man2014-06-24 Espadrilles sm 2014-06-27 woman with turban sm2014-06-26 Nonchalance 70s style 2014-06-27 sketch1 sm2014-06-29 aqua sm mid

More people watching on my lunch breaks (marker line drawings) … a pencil drawing from reference… playing around with styles on a suit-guy (he looks so 70s!) The one on the left needs to be colored in with black ink and then have a psychedelic though cloud bloom from his head à la Milton Glaser or Peter Max. I like the wobblier one on the right, too; it’s a bit more like the way I used to draw. On Friday, I got luck to get the back corner seat on the bus one morning (I can brace my leg to keep the paper steady enough to draw) and even luckier at the subject who sat near me: jaunty cap, great long beard, and as a bonus, he fell asleep. Today, I dabbled in watercolor. The original intent was to combine the watercolor with marker, but I liked it as it was and stopped.

These weekly reviews always seem way too sparse. I have so much enthusiasm to do things, so many ideas, but find myself always short of time and capacity. I just plain wear out. Maybe that’s why they say you need to start a career like this when you are young; I have the desire, but I don’t have the energy of a 20-year-old. I’m going to have to use experience and wiles to make up the shortfall. Right?

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