Retro Friday–Self-Portraits (1980)

Self-portraits, pencil and colored pencil, 1980

Self-portraits, pencil and colored pencil, 1980

Images from a distant summer, 1980, right before I headed off to college to be an Art Ed major….That only lasted a semester till I switched to an English major …and then later to Fine Art, briefly, and eventually to Film. I really couldn’t make up my mind; all of it interested me. Before 2013, I did more drawing in 1980 than in any other. I had just completed a Drawing 1 class at my local community college with Lawrence von Baron, whom we called VB. He had great models come in for us to draw, a real diverse group, and the students were equally wonderful. I made friends, went to an art museum for the first time, began to move into the world I thought would be mine. It’s so heady being 19. Fearful, wary, defiant, all there in those faces. I used to do a lot of those stylized distortions back then…I still think they’re pretty cool.

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