Week in Review

2014-06-30 Rider 2014-07-01 sketches rev2014-07-02 sketches 22014-07-04 brown coat 2014-07-05 Carry the jacket_00012014-07-02 horse

Time to review another week’s work, but it was a tough week. Lots of reasons. It seems I have less and less to show for myself, though I do draw every day. Maybe my standards are higher than my skill set or maybe I’m burning out. I’m prone to that. Maybe it’s time for an art-vacation. Wonder what the shape of that would be?

But I did do some things, and some of the most throwaway drawings are the ones I like the best. Started on the bus….the wobbly line is really noticeable to me, but it doesn’t detract too much from the sketch. I really like this one; he’s lost in his thoughts on the Monday morning commute. Another bus sketch and some ladies on lunch break…the one on the left was a self-content matron as round and dimpled as she could be and the woman on the right was another of those leggy girls who seem to wear short skirts to show off their knickers in public. Lotta leg there, Miss! A much more sedate crowd mid-week….I could have drawn the woman at the top all day…she was standing in the atrium taking a phone call and as she talked ,she turned. So many good poses, but I only did one. I hope I see her again; she was perfect. The horse is a doodle at my desk at work, something from an ad in the paper…The Fourth of July gave me a long weekend, which meant I had time and attention to dabble in watercolor again.

Or work a bit larger… the man with the jacket over his shoulder is larger than I usually do, which was fun. He’s my favorite this week and one I did in a few minutes because I was about to meet my sister in the evening and had nothing to show for myself! It really does work to make your objectives public, sort of peer pressure as artistic cattle prod, though for me it’s a kind of torture that probably isn’t that healthy. But I guess quality doesn’t matter so much at this stage in the work, I just have to keep at it. This just wasn’t my week.

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