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2014-07-07 quick sketch sm 2014-07-08 Folded 2014-07-09 to 12 sketches 2014-07-10 and 12 shoes and boots sm 2014-07-12 fashion sketches 2014-07-13 Eve

Man, a demanding day job makes it so hard to make progress, but I’m trusting in the process and plodding on. I’m really not satisfied with my work this week. I wanted to do more, but never seemed able to, though as I was trying to also make time for writing, I should have realized the drawing might lose for it.

The second and third images are figures from life, and the first and fourth are from photos. I did a bit more with pencil this week, which sadly doesn’t seem to scan well. All of the shoes and boots are my practice drawings toward an image idea I had related to one of my novels, Duckworth, the one I’m currently revising. And last of all is a pencil and watercolor sketch from a statue by Rodin called Eve After the Fall. I like it. I used to do these decades ago when I toyed with studying sculpture–what didn’t I want to study at one point or other?–and it’s very reassuring to see that I still can.

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    • It is but most artists have day-jobs, at least for a while, and many writers are professors too, which takes more time than you can imagine looking from the outside. And I don’t have kids….

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