Week in Review

2014-07-27 Trixie 2014-07-28 Daniel sm 2014-07-28 Lunch sm 2014-07-29 flowers 2014-07-29 woman with phone sm 2014-07-30  sitter sm2014-08-01 Bacon sm 2014-08-03 pale face

2014-08-02 windblown 2014-08-03 windblown study 2

Reviewing another week of drawings…more pencil…Oh, how happy I am working with pencil!–though it doesn’t always scan well. It’s so nice to get the subtle effects, especially when highlighted with a wash of watercolor. And for bolder color, there was another round of the Francis Bacon fascination. I didn’t get much done during the week…who knows why…but the weekend felt productive. Let’s hope that’s momentum for the week ahead.

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