Week in Review

2014-08-11 12 listening and talking 2014-08-13 watching her show 2014-08-15 Man with files 2014-08-14 Virgin and Child 2014-08-16 harsh gaze dk

It was a tough week…stress at work and then illness…but I was lucky enough to draw a lot from life. It all depends in if the weather is good and if people get upset with being looked at. This week, I was fortunate. More pencil work, which I’m enjoying as a break from the merciless ink line. I’m reading a medieval art book and hence this sketch of the Virgin and Child statuette from 1410. I also got a Sergio Toppi book, Sharaz-de, which is amazing, every single page a gorgeous composition, all while advancing a story. And the ink line work is so exciting! Jason Polan’s two Museum of Modern Art books came, too; I just wish I could find the time to really study them. How in the world do artists keep their work going while holding down a day job? We all have the same 24 hours. Maybe they have more energy…. Meanwhile, I struggle along, wishing for more time, the chance to do color, watercolors or the paintings I sometimes see in my mind’s eye. But no color this week…maybe next.

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