Week in Review

2014-08-28 HG age 11 2014-08-28 RW age 11 rev 2014-08-29 RW 2014-08-29 SF

A bit late this week and light on the work…I think burnout is catching up with me. Still moving though, and that’s all that matters now. Keep the momentum, no matter how feebly. I’ve been re-reading some old stories of mine…typically they start off strong and then get muddled with all manner of weirdness until I don’t know how to end them. Still, there were good moments. Also, reading the Harry Potter books again along with some of my favorite LJ groups, catching up on the pre-2009 posts (before I joined) along with whatever I missed since 2012, when my involvement dropped off. Its my version of a mental vacation as the seasons change and I add another birthday to the roster.

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