eyeI’ve dealt with the issue of burnout my entire life. Obsession and burnout, a great whirling wheel. Suddenly, all the lights come on at once, life feels wonderful, I feel young again, take on too much, with great enthusiasm and ambition, manage for about 18 months, then crash. Usually takes me a few years to recover; hopefully I do better this time.The black depression only lasted a few months this summer, and with the worst of it past, I’m hopeful again. I’m still drawing (almost) every day, but usually just little doodles, nothing worth sharing; I haven’t got much spirit for it. As for the writing, I’m reading some stories I wrote about 4 years ago, tinkering a bit as I go, and that’s been interesting, to say the least. It’s almost, at times, like reading the work of someone else.To build a world and live in it as I write is the greatest creative pleasure I know; I do hope I can get back to it again. I just don’t hear the voices.

That’s my news. If you like checking in to my site, thanks! I hope to have new content again soon.

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