Week in Review

  2014-11-12 old vet sm 2014-11-10 girl walking sm  2014-11-12 sit-in sm 2014-11-11 sm 201-4-11-10 two riders sm museum sketches1 2014-11-13 sm museum sketches2 2014-11-13 sm 2014-11-15 2 girls sm 2014-11-15 -16 sketches

Another week…a warm, slow autumn finally turning brisk and hinting at snow… the perks of working beside the Art Institute’s Culinary School restaurant… pan-seared scallops in white wine butter sauce with spinach, tender flavorful perfection at fast-food prices… Thursday night at the Carnegie Museum of Art, sketching and enjoying the massive Duane Michals photography show… a bit of drawing here and there, more desire than time. Still, I’m pleased with what I accomplished.



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