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Quiet week… Person of Interest continues to provoke… I swear last week’s episode had Dominic make a call-back to a Season 2 episode, 2 Pi R… at about the 4:30 minute mark we see possible confirmation. You have to wonder if they really planned it that far back, or did a clever writer see the hidden potential of Harold’s inspiration on young minds? Personally, I think Dominic is the antimatter!Finch, everything he says and does is a negative echo of Finch. The season is building to a big climax…time will tell whether I’m full of shit or not. (Liked on Twitter by one of the POI writers…Is that confirmation or just messing with our heads?) I got my sister interested in the show this spring; week-by-week we’ve watched an episode, slowly gaining on the current season. We just hit the major sweeps action of Season 3; tonight we get The Devil’s Share..and based on the titling for next week’s Season 4 episode–The Devil You Know–these two stories are talking to each other. So cool to see it ahead of what will probably be quite a thriller.

I didn’t get to go to the museum as I wanted to, but I did hit up the local library book sale (disappointing; not the usual roomful, but only a few items scattered on tables in the back hall)… had luncheon from the Art Institute’s chefs-in-training… again… another round of the pan-seared scallops (!) with the addition of their Charleston Shrimp and Grits with hot peppers and andoulie sausage…a real winner! I suspect the grits had a hint of cheese mixed in with them. Heat in the peppers for taste and sensation but not to punish–perfect. It’s so fun going over to pick up the food…glimpses of other floors as elevator riders stop before you…art, computer labs, a wedding dress… student chefs in their whites, so eager to talk about their food. I love these kids…wish I was one of them…wish I could be their teacher.

I also checked out the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer, which was absolutely packed…amazing considering there was black ice everywhere, including on the front steps of the venue. It was wall-to-wall hipsters–the men all bearded posturing lumberjacks and the women were world-weary crosses between Lucille Ball and Bettie Page in identical cat-eye glasses and eyeliner. Miao. I suppose the idea is that their vintage costuming is a rebellion against modern consumerist culture, but they all look the same… OK, I’m over 50. I just don’t get it.Is it this decade’s youth rebellion style? If the punks of my time positioned themselves against order, then what are these cats and kittens standing against? The present?

Excellent vintage clothes though. Wonderful purses from all eras, really original; 70s menswear so wild you had to have lived through those years to know it was for real, and one vendor from the SouthSide whose selection ran from Gidget to Twiggy on one rack. Fun to look at, and probably fun to wear…if you were a size 2.

And so that’s me for another week. Thanksgiving is a four-day weekend, which I hope will give me the opportunity to draw something a little more ambitious. I want to…

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