Week in Review: Holidays Edition

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I’ve felt rushed all week with busy prep for the holidays: gift-making and wrapping, trips to the post office, and then the office party smack in the middle of Saturday, making the day useless for much else. I really don’t like the holidays, but this year hasn’t been bad so far. Even the dark days of December aren’t bothering me like they usually do. Maybe I’m too busy. I’d say the real source of hassle this year has been getting health insurance, now that the place I work has dropped coverage for us. For me, it’s limitation and expense, but for some friends of mine, the decision is almost impossible. I’m sure management felt they had no choice in the decision they made, just as I imagine that our president thought this plan of his was a  boon to all humankind. But as a human who works full-time in the lower-middle income bracket, and who happens to be over 50, it’s a racket and nothing else. Here’s hoping that next year this time, the humankind benefiting from this health insurance menace will include working people like me and my associates. End rant.

But I drew a lot. I got into the work of Alex Eben Meyer (illustrator) and Kathy J. Lui (student/ artist/ filmmaker), stopped into the Carnegie Art Museum after work on Thursday to wander and draw, found people asleep in the lobby or too busy looking at art to realize I was drawing them. A drawing I bought online arrived–it’s beautiful and I’ll write about it soon. Meanwhile, another weekend goes by with only little offhand drawings. I want the time to draw something bigger, more ambitious, but it doesn’t happen. How did I do it last year? Because I did. This may require some thought…


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