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2014-12-17-18 sketches + DShelton 2014-12-18 sketches 2014-12-18-19 sketches DShelton  2014-12-20 Your Ministry Remains Strong  2014-12-19 sketches 2014-12-21 Rat Gone sm -Final

Quite a lot of little drawings this week, done sporadically. This week I enjoyed studying the sketchbook pages of David Shelton–he frequently posts pages from old sketchbooks along with his new work. He consistently seems to draw A LOT. I really enjoy his loose way of capturing gesture, expression and character. I feel that a little copying breaks me out of my ruts and frees me up. I don’t think my two color drawings from the weekend–both Harry Potter themes (Books 6 and 3)–resemble Shelton’s work at all, but without all the drawing I did thanks to his inspiration, I doubt they would have happened. They were really fun to do and even I like them. I’ve tried doing more realistic drawings of the Potter characters before but I think the more playful style better suits my best feelings about the books.

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