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2014-12-23 sketches DShelton 2014-12-23 sketches JCopeland Duckie 2014-12-27 Constantia 2014-12-28  Esmeralda

Holiday travel and a sick dog made this a brief week for drawing, but I was again looking at the sketchbooks of David Shelton and John Copeland, copying and adapting from their work. (Copeland used to have many images from his sketchbooks on his website, but now has mostly his paintings, which are a little chaotic for my taste.) Something in the images though, triggered me to illustrate the characters from my Duckworth novel. (NaNo 2008) I still think it’s the best book I’ve written, though it feels unfinished, unpolished. It lacks the passages of beautiful prose, but it’s funny and has a wild plot. Every now and then I try again to revise it (or illustrate it), but it takes more uninterrupted time to do that than I have. Or than I think I have. It may beĀ  excuse-making–other writers do their work while holding down a day job, so why not me? Don’t know, but I never seem to manage it. Duckie is never far from my mind though.

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