Retro Friday: Self-Portraits (1979-1980)

1979 marker double 1979 pencil 1980 summer pencil double

I’ve added a few more items to my Self-Portrait gallery, pencil and marker drawings from 1979 and 1980.  In the first set (1979), I believe I was just back from a bad day at work–pretty much a given in those days–which may well explain the hostile expression. I was so thin back then–all that long neck and the ears that stuck out when my hair was pulled back. And dig those gigantic plastic frames! They were stylish then. Odd how I went for the glam-fashion frames when I dressed like a hippie; I’ve never really known what I was doing with clothes.

I don’t remember anything of the circumstances of the second one, also 1979, such great, thick hair I had back then, but the third set was from a sultry summer afternoon in 1980. I was hot, bored and miserable and it shows. This set is my favorites in this group; I especially like the folded hand I lean against. My face looks elongated too–in fact it’s quite round–a distortion that occurs every time I draw without my glasses. Is it my astigmatism? Maybe. I read a theory once that claimed El Greco drew the way he did because of astigmatism, but does that mean every Italian Mannerist had astigmatism too? I don’t buy it entirely. Interesting thought though. I do know that when I draw without glasses, the proportions look fine to me.

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