A Journey Through Twin Peaks


Let’s be clear–I love Twin Peaks.

For me, it’s some of the best cinema–TV or film–ever made. Phenomenal storytelling, driven by character, in a world at once comical, innocent, mysterious and evil. David Lynch’s 1990s TV masterpiece has been in the news lately because a sequel of sorts is scheduled for 2016 on Showtime, and I am so excited. I don’t have Showtime, but I will have to find a way to see it….somehow.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered, via Twitter, the awesomest channel on YouTube, MovieMan0283. This movie man is Joel Bocko, whose blog, Lost in the Movies, won me over from the start by the mix in his banner of art historical with filmic imagery. Old films and new, it’s all here; I can’t wait to dig in deeper. But I got to all of this goodness through his episode-by-episode guide to Twin Peaks. Of course, there are the clips of quirky characters, the general weirdness of the town, the haunting soundtrack by Badalamenti, but there’s also insight about the way the writers/directors are weaving together the characters with the mystery of Laura Palmer to push the story forward, along with fan and critical reaction at the time of its initial run. It’s always a pleasure to take a quick tour through familiar country, see all the familiar faces, but far richer is the journey when a knowledgeable guide shows you through this particularly quixotic terrain.

One chants out between two worlds,

Fire walk with me.

Ah, Dale, I’ve missed you.

3 thoughts on “A Journey Through Twin Peaks

    • Oh, that looks excellent. I’ll definitely check it out. People’s reading lists are as fun to look at as book shelves when you first visit a new friend. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

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