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2015-03-17  Danz from Moebius Sun halo with black 2015-03-17 hovering sun sm     2015-03-16 birds 2015-03-21 TD profile

Drawings, a few new themes. Re-reading old journals makes me wonder about my younger self…and if 36 years from now, I’ll be wondering about the person doing these drawings and writings now. “…and to think she really thought she knew what she was doing…” Well, Future Self, I really don’t think I know what I’m doing, that’s the whole problem, and always has been. Of course, if I make it to 90, I’ll be entitled to think whatever I like about my current doings. I hope it will still seem interesting to me.

I love these drawings; they were exciting to make. You can see I’m still playing with that Moebius figure from last week, trying to make it a little more my own. Add a sun-halo. One idea leads to another. Bird in a budding magnolia tree, face appearing in my mind, sun hovering over his brow. What does it mean? I suspect we shall see–I’m definitely trying to flesh it out. It’s a change for me to take ideas, images, from my head and try in some way to translate them onto paper. It feels more purposeful than just sketching-to-sketch, aimlessly drawing. I got frustrated with that and sometimes wondered if I really was learning that way. Maybe I was. I don’t know. This feels better, at any rate. I hope it continues.

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