Revision under Pressure

It’s been an interesting challenge to post the chapters of the Duckworth novel as I work my way through the fifth revision. The first third of the book had already been heavily revised and posed few problems, but as I read forward into the middle, I could see I’d need to do more work. A lot more. At this point, I’m barely able to keep up with the schedule I made for myself to publish a new chapter every Wednesday and Saturday. It’s a bit stressful. And yet…

The enforced deadline and the (semi-) public nature of my challenge are actually highly motivating, something I didn’t expect. I’m by nature a slow worker: I think slowly and need a lot of time to get to a good result. Maybe from lack of practice though I’m not sure. Anyway, the deadline and the specter of public failure if I miss it has made the work seem purposeful, which has added an extra measure of joy to those moments when the work clicks. I know for certain that only one person is reading this novel-in-progress (thanks, Liz!), but even so, this exercise in “self-publishing” has provided its own rewards.

If you have been reading along, or have opted in for even a single chapter, your comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged. Serializing this revision is teaching me a lot, and if you feel so inclined, your help is very much appreciated.

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