Drawings soft and swift

2015-07-19 dark 2015-07-17 cap2015-07-13 DB 2015-07-18 2015-07-09 flamenco

These are the better drawings from the last few weeks. I’ve been working a lot from memory, and while it is a great exercise for strengthening recall, it doesn’t usually result in anything worth sharing. One day perhaps. It does have the virtue though of being entirely original, and hopefully, captures more of what I feel essential in my evanescent subjects. People do not like being looked at, especially not by the penetrating eye, but a glance is usually beneath notice. These glances, few or many, if the memory is good, will build an image solid enough to hold in your hands. Practice sketches along similar lines provide a skeleton these fragments can cling to.

Unconsciously, I’ve taken the same path to better capture the flamenco practices. After the last session, I knew I wanted to study the forms of the dance in more detail and chose to do that by grabbing stills from online videos. With enough familiarity, I’ll see more as I watch and sketch the practices, distill more of the motion and character of the dancers, which is my objective. It’s always my objective: I watch people to understand them. It’s what children do, but fortunately for the little ones, no one objects to their wide-eyed stares or fears the conclusions their gazing minds will draw.

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