Sketchbook 14-15

I love looking at sketchbook videos.

Maybe its the compact richness of the books or the unpolished nature of the work inside, or that, through a private almost meditative method of working, more of the artist’s personality comes through. I find them inspiring.

Last week I finished the sketchbook I began in April 2014. Most of the drawings have been posted on this blog before, but never in the context of an image on a page or within a sequence of work. I do keep a smaller sketchbook that I carry to work with me and I have a tendency to draw on any scrap of paper at hand, which does slow down the filling of a book, but even so, it’s the quickest I’ve ever gone through one of these books. Maybe the new one will go even faster! Art school students are required to fill one every semester. Now that’s an aspiration…

I hope you enjoy this video, whether for insight or inspiration. The music isĀ Strings and Blips by Adam Selzer (2015).

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook 14-15

  1. I love your book. Such variety – I enjoyed how you go from color to pencil. It adds depth to the passing images. What a wonderful collection.

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