Drawing from Downton Abbey

2015-10-05 Downton Ep2

I’ve decide to re-watch Downton Abbey (is it still ongoing?) and last night, on episode 2, I got out the markers to draw. I’ve drawn from Downton once before–Edith–and probably will again, it is so full of beauty and human interest.

This is at the point in the story where the Crawleys arrive. I didn’t do Matthew justice, but it was fun drawing the varying reactions of the girls–sorry, Sybil, you slid off the page!–and of course, the withering gaze of Carson. The composition is haphazard, sadly, but I need more practice at that sort of thing. My sister has always been a natural at composition while I tend to get lost in the details. Time to shore up the weaknesses. This drawing and the manga from the weekend have been fun ways to practice.

2 thoughts on “Drawing from Downton Abbey

  1. I love Downton Abbey and I love your drawings. I am especially fond of Carson. You captured the “look” he so often gives. Keep practicing, I would enjoy seeing more.

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