Retro Friday–Cat Sketches (1978-2006)

1978 Pip sm Ollie 8 sm 1994 Oliver sleeping sm .1995 Ollie_0001 1999 Cleo sm 2006 Ollie2 sm2006 Ollie 2006 Ollie1_0003 2006 Ollie_0001 2006 Ollie1 2006 Ollie3 sm 

For most of 30 years, I had cats; for the last 9 years, I’ve had dogs. I’m not sure what caused the change because I really do still love cats, and I think they are much more fun to draw than dogs, mainly for what I see as their sculptural qualities, and perhaps the fact that they sleep a lot and can’t be bothered if you enter the room. A dog would get up and come to see you. (Present dog excepted.) It’s so helpful when one’s model stays put.

Here I’ve selected sketches of Pip, Cleo and Oliver; most of the drawings are of Ollie, a very smart cat and my favorite. The last few sketches were made in his last days and drawing him was my way to commune with him and say goodbye. He stopped by in my dream the other night, as he does now and then. Good to see you, old friend. I hope you are well wherever you are.

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