Family drawings for the holidays

1969 Family

1982 Liz wins art prize

I gave drawings for all my Christmas gifts this year. Most of my effort went into one particular gift: about a dozen old photos I used to make a family drawings coloring book / album for my parents and my sisters. (Crayons included, of course.) I hope they all enjoy it. We always got coloring books and big boxes of crayons each year, pictures to enjoy and add to, sometimes paper dolls to color and cut out, plus the wonderfully heady smell of fresh wax crayons…Ah! And so this idea was born.

These are two of my favorites, all of us together, c.1969, and a few of us celebrating one of Liz’s art wins c.1982. Not all of the likenesses are perfect, but I like them as a drawings, and the process of studying the faces as they changed with time was super interesting. I wanted to do so many more, but ran out of time. Too bad I don’t get my good ideas in July…

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