Retro Friday: Star Wars Love (1982)

1982 Luke_0002 pale 1982 Luke cap 1982 Leia WC2 1982 Leia WC 1982 Luke pencil 1982 Luke pencil2 1982 6 heroes cap 011 crop 013 Three cap

Star Wars love is in my family…I have it…my sister has it….

Like so many, many others, I’m geeking out about the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Like any self-respecting nerd, I have a few gripes, but overall, I think this new story is pretty terrific. Not that Start Wars love is exactly a new thing for me; I’ve been a fan for 38 years. I saw the original Star Wars movie in the theater in the summer of 1977–Dad took all of us kids, expecting to fall asleep, but didn’t–but I really fell for the series with the arrival of The Empire Strikes Back in 1979, or rather, with its re-release in 1982. That year, the stars were aligned and I was enraptured. I have pages of little doodles and cartoons of these guys, I drew them everywhere, all the time, but here are some of the best things. I hope you enjoy them. They still bring me pleasure.

I’m busy drawing Star Wars again–new characters and old, prequel, classic and the latest and greatest. I’ll post them when I have a nice collection to share. Till then…

May the Force inspire you!

(Media: watercolor, pencil and ink wash)

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