Drawing Faces (2)

2016-02-01 IM condensed 2016-02-04 Verkerk

Two of my better drawings of the last week, faces referenced from models Joan Severance and Fran├žois Verkerk. I employed a certain amount of exaggeration, but I like the results. In drawing this, it seemed I was either on or couldn’t do anything. Shouldn’t drawings of beautiful people always come out well? They most certainly don’t. Some of the fault is pure fatigue on my part: half because I didn’t sleep well most of the week and half because I tend to put off drawing until evening when my best hours are behind me. To make better use of my livelier hours, I started sketching from life again, people loitering on their lunch breaks, but I’ll gather those at another time. It took a few days to get back into the swing of that on-the-move style, but I liked my results after that.

(media: markers and colored pencil)

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