People Watch

2016-03-29 woman with phone 2016-04 sketches sm 2016-04 sketch sm 2016-04-13 man sm2016-04-04 sketch 2016-05-16 girl sm  2016-05-17 sm 2016-06-06 man sm  2016-06-10 striped 2016-06-06 shade sm

Time to catch up on my daily people watch and the sketches it produces. These ten drawings, the best of my lunch break efforts, cover several months. I like them because of their character and mood–several of these people aren’t even involved with their phones!–rather than because of their poses. It’s an ongoing challenge to see how much I can capture in just a minute or two while keeping a certain elegance or energy of line. I don’t succeed often, but there are moments…


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