NaNo: The End–A Victory Lap

winner 2010Goal: 50,000
Actual: 53,455

Here’s to Attempting Failure … and succeeding!

Yeah for NaNoWriMo!

Yeah for all who “won”!

Yeah for all who quit because they were overwhelmed by a million other exciting inspirations!

Yeah for all who tried, because it was bloody fun, wasn’t it? YEAH!

And Yeah for all those people cheering, and writing wonderful words of support and encouragement—I could never, ever get better reviews. Yeah for you!

This, my fifth year, was the easiest NaNo yet. I actually won 3 days ago. Somehow, without planning, I stumbled upon a character I have really come to love. Oh hell, I loved him almost from the start! I only wish my long-time, bestest friend forever had been here to meet him. This one is dedicated to you, Rachael—because you deserved a happy ending, too.

NaNo Recap: Week Three

nano 2010Daily Goal: 38,341
Actual:       44,148

This is what Chris Baty, founder of National Novel Writing Month, says about Week Three:

“If you are feeling stymied in Week Three, you were probably cursed with a more dictatorial Inner Editor than most.”

*raises hand*

Yeah, that’s me.

Week Three is supposed to be about new highs, sudden synergies, a light at the end of the tunnel.

I can’t really complain if this week’s been hard on me because I got a Week Two from Heaven, and no one expects that. But as I close my third week and head into the final stretch, I’m struggling for word count. Some of that was a particularly vicious final week on my 3-month temp assignment (I should tap that, I really should, libel be damned), but the rest is the voice of the editor who is beginning to tell me that this thing isn’t as good as I dream it could be, which makes me sad because I’ve grown to love these people.Does Madame Editor realize that how good it is now is not the point?No. No, she doesn’t.There are only seven days left and there is so much to do. But then, just as the tank hits empty, something breaks loose and the caricatured, mean, heartless Mrs. Tennant becomes real, a very disappointed, childish and yet sympathetic woman, doing the best she can with a life that doesn’t make any sense to her. Continue reading

NaNo: When is Week Two not Week Two?

nano 2010What a ride this NaNo has been!

I’ve passed the half way mark in the middle of what is supposed to be a week of doubt, hand-wringing and procrastination. Instead, this story keeps on soaring. The plot is clarifying, motifs arise, characters gain depth and richness, and I can slow down enough to occasionally write prose I am not ashamed of.

The novel is called Attempting Failure, and here is my freshly written synopsis:


Malcolm’s life was like a mystery, a question, a riddle. At times, Maggie felt she held it in her hands, a naive, clumsy girl with Venetian glass.She never meant to break it. He didn’t know how to fix it.When all the right answers go wrong, the best strategy may be playing to lose.

And for those who might be interested, an excerpt… Continue reading

NaNo Day 6

nano 2010Goal:      10,002
Actual:   12, 011

What makes one NaNo year work while another one doesn’t?

I have no idea. I never pre-plan, and considering I did not plan to participate this year, I had zero preparation going in. Last year, I had a mental image and a character, but the writing was torture from Day 2. I ended up enjoying the characters and the multi-level mystery that developed, but it was hard going.This year is the total opposite. I know I’m still in the Week One rush, but the words are really flowing. Of course, there is still no plot, though I am beginning to sense what might be coming. And I love my main character! Yeah, Malcolm Tennant! He’s so much fun to write. He’s hot and funny and talented and a train wreck waiting to happen. And you just know that train wreck is a-comin’…Cheers to all my fellow NaNo novelists and thanks to all those who have been so encouraging. Week Two is around the corner, and it is always such a tricksy one. 😀

Thanks to Parker for recommending Of Montreal to me–the songs I’ve found online have become my writing soundtrack!

I am not doing NaNo (not)

nano 2010I started a day late (I don’t care.)

I’m 1300 words behind already. (I don’t care.)

I have no story. (I don’t care.)

See, all day yesterday I felt left behind, missing the parade. I woke this morning with images, a feeling, half of the title. I mean, why not? I just want to have fun. I just want the joy of discovery, of creativity running wild and amuck. ( Sure, sure, sure…)

So what if I’m tired, angry and empty?

The novel’s working title is Attempting Failure, which is sort of a slogan for this year’s NaNo… plus I couldn’t resist the pun. Already I have my two MCs, Malcolm and Maggie, and they are funny and conflicted and they quarrel. (I love writing quarrels.) There’s going to be work-related humor, which I never expected to enjoy writing, but I really do. How I’ll fit in a road trip and the supernatural (other faves), I have no idea, but the month is young and the word count barely budding.

Here goes!