Week in Review

2014-11-24 French farmers sm 2014-11-25 vieux paysans sm 2014-11-26 contour sm 2014-11-26 jacket coat 2014-11-26 3 figures sm 2014-11-27-28 figure studies   2014-11-30 cocteau 2014-11-30 picabia

Got a little extra time with the holiday weekend, but my efforts seem lopsided. The first few days I did much stronger work, but as the days went on, I felt the burden of chores and Christmas requirements and getting ready for the week ahead…and the steam goes out of me. But I got a few things anyway. It’s all I can do with the choices I’ve made.

This lot includes French peasants…lunch crowd at One Oxford… dapper gentlemen…and studies from Olivier Vatine, Michael Mentler, Jean Cocteau and Francis Picabia. I especially liked combining the watercolor and pencil in the figure studies, and also attempting the clean line style of Cocteau and Picabia. Forever there’s the wish to do more… more and better. Even so, this is a good crop.