Absence makes…what? It makes us forget.


Trying to keep it all going…the writing is coming on with an amazing character who is taking over a good portion of my brain…what he’s going to end up doing (what I call plot) I am not sure, but he is definitely up to something… conflicted characters in over their heads… mean writer that I am (what I call having fun). Trying to get back to my reading program, too. I’ve been a terrible slacker. Anticipating another great story edit and so am immersing myself in Merlin, the better to grok her fic. Charming so far…

Glad to be back.


Started reading Proust again, which might explain why I decided to post a “memory” story. This is actually the first Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote two years ago, but I hope you will still find it worth reading.

Summary: Twenty years later, Ron thinks back upon the events at Malfoy Manor.

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To Kindle Fire

That moment when you know… I’ve been meaning to post this story for some time. It’s a bit of Harry Potter fanfic I wrote it over a year ago to make a Charlie fan smile—here’s hoping it does the same for you.
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