The Force Awakens in Miniature

2016-02-22 Force Awakens thumbnails detail clip2016-02-22 Force Awakens thumbnails clip

I can’t get enough of The Force Awakens.

I’ve seen it three times, read the novelization and watched innumerable YouTube videos full of hints, analysis and theories. And of course, I’ve drawn a few of the characters. Then I thought I’d try a series of minute thumbnails from my favorite trailer. What I thought I’d discover, I don’t know, but I ran out of page before finishing. There were 44 shots in the minute and a half I covered; the cuts were faster toward the end so there may well have been as many in the remaining 50 seconds. The patterns of movement were the most exciting thing, but I made no attempt to capture that. This time. I’ve got a few more ideas to explore–and I’m sure they’ll turn up here when I work them out.

Is this studying or playing? I’m not sure it matters. I love discovering how the images were put together and maybe deciphering what it means.

(media: markers and colored pencil)

Week in Review

2014-07-27 Trixie 2014-07-28 Daniel sm 2014-07-28 Lunch sm 2014-07-29 flowers 2014-07-29 woman with phone sm 2014-07-30  sitter sm2014-08-01 Bacon sm 2014-08-03 pale face

2014-08-02 windblown 2014-08-03 windblown study 2

Reviewing another week of drawings…more pencil…Oh, how happy I am working with pencil!–though it doesn’t always scan well. It’s so nice to get the subtle effects, especially when highlighted with a wash of watercolor. And for bolder color, there was another round of the Francis Bacon fascination. I didn’t get much done during the week…who knows why…but the weekend felt productive. Let’s hope that’s momentum for the week ahead.

Bacon Suits

Francis Bacon - Tutt'Art@ (17)francis-bacon_george-dyerFrancis Bacon Paintings Art 187francis_bacon_25Francis Bacon Paintings Art 169Seated Figure 1961 by Francis Bacon 1909-1992

Oh Francis! Look at you all dressed up and nothing to scream at. No meat, no blood. Almost serene…you know, for Francis Bacon.

I’m still thinking about these paintings. I love his very graphic compositions, the strong color blocks, and, in spite of the distorted faces and contorted poses, I love the suits, the shoes, crisp line, muted grays and tans. I need to find time to experiment on my own men-in-suits, see what I could do with paint and color. Another dream that for now is postponed. But it is on my mind.

PS–Sorry if you were expecting a post about Lady Gaga, though it sure would be fun to have seen his take on her. Could be almost as fun as she is.

Explode the Suit! or, What happens when Francis Bacon paints a well-dressed man…

bacon BaconVanity700

When I sketch businessmen in their suits on my lunch break each day, it never occurs to me to paint them. I see mostly men in dark suits with mid-tone ties, and now with June looming, a few summer suits but in the bright sun, laced with strong shadow, a reverse of the usual dark-light pattern. Sure, there are a few daring gents, like the man who shocked me giddy with his dark shirt and jacket, rust-orange pants, red-rimmed specs and very orange hair–some men really should be painted!–but most look very well in my austere line drawings. So, I don’t think much about painting, at least I hadn’t until I was looking at some Francis Bacon paintings the other day.

WOW! I’ve been a fan of Bacon’s for many years, but I guess it’s the screaming popes and writhing nudes that stayed in my memory, not the men in suits. It really has set me thinking….How exactly would I paint my suited men if I could?

These paintings have me excited all over again, scheming about where to take my work next.