I Got Sunshine

I’ve been drawing Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz characters a lot lately, especially Noodle, but also some Russel and 2D. As for Murdoc…not so much. I must be one of those weird chicks for whom green skin and dark, demonic looks are a turnoff. Go figure…
It always feels a little like cheating to me when I copy from another style, but I do learn from figuring out how another artist has put a picture together. And looking isn’t enough, you have to get in there with your pencil and ink and colors and make it happen in order to internalize it. I learn a little about my own preferences, too, when I find myself thinking “Now if it were me…” or adding a extra line or shadow because I can’t resist a personal need for it. Maximum hubris, I know, especially since I love everything about the Gorillaz drawings and animation. If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, it would be nice to think I’m giving a little something back to Mr. Hewlett, whether he knows it or not.

Week in Review

ADovercoat boy summer dress from Moebius2

Schiele1 Schiele2

These are the main things I’ve been working on over the last few days, although there are doodled people I see on the streets, practice drawings of hands and the Gorillaz characters scattered throughout my journal and on scraps of paper that seem to proliferate wherever I am. Aside from Moebius and Schiele, I’ve also gotten very excited about the work of Sergio Toppi, Bill Sienkiewicz and Kenneth Rocafort. Still reading Harold Speed’s drawing book from 1913 (free download on Project Gutenberg), which is full of all sorts of helpful thoughts on composition, brushstrokes, line quality, and exactly what it is that an artist gives us with his work. Or should. Maybe more thoughts on that later…