Inspiration from Many Sources

2015-10 Mary Kirk and Manga Girl

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2015-11-2 from Frank Stockton 2015-11-30 from Moebius 2015-12-01 from Skottie Young Oz mini 2015-10-25 Lizella multi 1_0002 dk mini

With my focus lately on wrapping up the Duckworth revision, I’ve not been posting as many of my drawings, but of course I am still drawing every day. There have been the usual ups and downs: late in October I was doing a lot of work I enjoyed, but more recently I’ve been on a downturn. With writing sliding into the back seat for a few miles, I hope to focus more on drawing through the end of the year. To kick off a little more intensity, I decide to post the best of what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been looking to many sources for inspiration: Downton Abbey, Star Trek, manga, people I see around me, Drawing Tutorials Online (especially the work of June and Alex), and the work of Frank Stockton, Skottie Young and Moebius. There are rendered portraits, original characters in several styles, caracatures….just about anything that struck my fancy. I imagine the ideal would be to be very serious and focused, working through various exercises to gain definite skills and improve where I’m faulty, and I hope that day won’t be far off, but for now, what I want to do is have fun when I draw. And that’s what this work is, the fruit of fun.

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I hope so. I’m trying to learn and so I choose the inspiration I like the best.

(Media: markers, pencil and colored pencils)

Manga Drawing Vacation

2015-10-04 Black Clover

This time I didn’t go away on a vacation, but instead took a vacation from serious drawing efforts. I decided to copy manga. I’ve had a cold, I needed a break…

Now, I don’t know much about manga, so I chose one randomly, ending up with Yuuki Tabata’s Black Clover. The story doesn’t do much for me, but it is a shounen manga, which is intended for young boys (not middle-age women). Aside from the beautiful clear line style and the boldly designed shapes on some pages, I noticed Harry Potter-ish elements in the action. Aside from being a story about magic, I spotted a Dumbledore-like wizard and a Snape look-alike bad guy in the first chapter and broom-flying in the second chapter. Could the blonde challenger have been a Draco-clone? Possibly. I chose to draw a few of the HP elements. Yuno is way more of a bad-ass broom flyer than Harry though. Sorry, Potter. Better luck another time.

I really enjoyed laying out my page as I chose random images to sketch, but I have to take the blame for the color–this manga is entirely black and white. Just playing around. It was a lot of fun; I’m sure I’ll do more some day.